Calendar & Event Management

Bored of inviting members to multiple calendars? Wasting time when entering the same event in each calendar? Ready to save up multiple hours a month doing the same repetitive task? We got you covered!

  • Automated calendar management based on teams
  • Weekly and monthly recurring events for trainings
  • Event invites for bigger events or schedules
  • Participation confirmation for events or training
  • The match and task module is fully integrated!

File Cloud

Unable to find old files? Quickly want to share a new image or an important ticket for the next event? Upload your files simple and fast, with multiple hundred GB available for you and your club.

  • Upload any files you want, up to multiple hundred GB
  • Extremely secure servers, located in Europe
  • In-browser preview for the most common filetypes
  • Direct linking options to make sharing a breeze!

Match Database

Remember these old lists in tables? Keeping track of won and lost matches? That is long gone! We will help you organizing your matches and track your statistics, saving a couple hours every month!

  • Add matches, scores, opponents, descriptions and more
  • Access to streams and links for your social team
  • Add comments or screenshots to the match
  • Automated reports for your teams performance
  • Matches are added to the calendars - automated!

Task Management

Bored of checking through the WhatsApp group to see, if the important document has been shared? Loosing track of your work? Our task management is easy-to-use and was made with players in mind.

  • Add tasks with a simple todo-list system
  • Assign due dates for important tasks
  • Add other members to share your work
  • Tasks are automatically added to the calendar

Communication & Content

Uploading old word documents to share information is long gone. Share informations with your team instantly. Post new announcements, create custom pages which they can access and much more!

  • All informations at once: Our dashboard for players!
  • Create announcements for single teams or the whole club
  • Add custom pages with any content you like
  • Receive notifications for events and announcements

User & Team Management

Keeping track of your club or team members can be a mess. Still using Discord, TeamSpeak and WhatsApp for that? They work, but inefficient. No history on players and intransparent permissions are just a few reasons.

  • Add unlimited users and teams to your platform! No limit!
  • Assign users to teams, permissions are done for you
  • Custom profile fields in case you need more informations
  • Check the player activity on the platform
  • (Mass) Import users via .csv or .ecore files

Stratboard & Tactics

For you as an organization, game value is one of the most important things. What happens if your current team leaves your club? Yes, most of the experience is lost. Also, where do people train? We offer the solution!

  • Go through tactics, including interactive maps
  • Real-Time! Invite others and work together
  • Soon: Save your tactics and images directly in ecore

StreamStats Analytics

Streamers that look interesting are always a gamble. But tracking their statistics is even harder. This is why we have StreamStats. Track ANY streamer you want - for your sponsors, or someone who might be a potential streamer for you.

  • Track any streamer on Twitch.tv without account access
  • Viewer and stream data for everytime he goes online
  • Check the game success rate for up to a year
  • Monitor his growth in viewership and followers

Customizing options

We had you in mind when developing ecore. You can customize your platform in many different ways, to make it look yours.

  • Upload your own logo, which is used in emails and pages
  • Multiple languages on a per-user base supported
  • Extensive global permission system, including custom roles
  • Enterprise: Remove the branding and add your design

Invoice & Contacts Management

Perfectly fitting for esports clubs and bigger organizations. You are able to create, manage and send invoices directly out of ecore.

  • Create invoices with only a few clicks
  • Directly send from your email box out of ecore
  • Supporting recurring and one-time invoices
  • Fully customizable to your needs and claims


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